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Dr. Fass is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon and has a long history of success in correction of bunion deformities, hammertoes, bone spurs, and other podiatric surgical procedures. His training and experience allow his patients to experience minimal post-op pain and return to function quickly. Most procedures can be done without general anesthesia. Dr Fass has a highly regarded reputation at Northridge Hospital and many of the employees seek him out for treatment.


Bunion Surgery 

A bunion is a large, boney, protrusion behind the great toe. The big toe is often leaning excessively towards the second toe. There is often pain, swelling, inability to wear shoes comfortably. The big toe is not bearing weight properly and balance is effected. Bunion surgery will correct the alignment of the metatarsal bone and the great toe. It often involves cutting and realigning the bones with internal screws used to reconnect the cut portions of bone. The joint is usually preserved and a good range of motion of the great toe is restored. The foot should function and look better.

Hammertoe Repair 

A hammertoe is a crooked toe that buckles up and rubs against the other toes and the top of the shoes. It is associated with faulty foot mechanics that may need to be corrected with orthotics. Corns and calluses are associated with hammertoes. The toes can be straightened realigned using many new technologies including plastic implants and pins to maintain good alignment over lifetime.

Bone Spurs 

There are many areas in the foot where in large bones can rub against a shoe and cause pain. the spurs can be treated conservatively to reduce surrounding inflammation but sometimes surgery is required to remove the enlargement. These include heel sparers, spurs on the top of the arch, and bone spurs in the toes.