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Sole Support Orthotics

Orthotics are necessary to treat injuries related to overuse and wear and tear on the soft tissue and boney structures of the foot and ankle. They also help correct knee, hip and low back conditions related to improper foot alignment. All orthotics are not alike.
Sole supports represent a new podiatric technology that is far more effective in relieving pain and correcting foot function that has been available in the past. Some of the key features of Sole Support include:

• Conform perfectly to your arch for support
• Designed with your weight and activity levels in mind
• Engineered to actually control foot function, not just cushion it
• Captures the foot in the ideal position for weight bearing activities
• Top Quality Materials

Orthotics should only be prescribed by a podiatrist. He is trained to scientifically evaluate a patient's abnormal foot function and can determine the special features that a pair of custom orthotics require to best correct the patients problem.

Orthotics are used for feet that are over-pronated (flat feet) and over supinated (high arched feet).

If you are like the majority of people with some degree of over pronation or loss of arch, either from birth or over time, you are subject to many common foot problems. These problems include bunions, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, calluses, and cons, etc are usually caused by the lack of enough arch in the foot when we are standing, walking and running (weight-bearing activities). There are a number of resins why most of us have some degree of flat feet, but mostly it comes down to body weight, gravity and concrete. The first two are constantly flattening the foot down against the hard surfaces we live on. The ligaments that support the bones of the foot get stretched out and our arches drop.

A small percentage of people have the opposite problem: their arches are too high and rigid due to congenitally tight bone structure. their feet are very poor shock absorbers and all the force of body weight and gravity gets concentrated on a few points at the bottom of their feet. Sole Supports are full contact orthotics designed to re-distributes foot pressure evenly across the entire sole of the foot. For the first time, people with this more unusual foot problem now have a custom orthotic solution.